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Internal Cleanliness of M.S. Drums

  1. The importance of internal cleanliness of drums is paramount and does not need to be stressed. Level of contaminant / extraneous matter above certain permissible level will surely adversely affect your product.
  2. Right from the very beginning we pay utmost importance to this aspect and supply the empty drums with high degree of internal cleanliness.
  3. The contaminant level inside a metal drum should ideally be 'ZERO', however this is not practical and therefore it should be minimal. 
  4. Presently we are able to achieve the following levels for 20 ltr drum by taking special care during manufacture:
    Contaminate level : Max 2mg./20L (generally below 1 mg)
  5. Quality conscious drum users have started specifying the permissible contaminant levels and needless to say are greatly benefited by the positive impact in turn on their product quality. Many industries have started testing samples from each and every batch before accepting. The method of test is simple and typical test method is given below:
  6. We strongly suggest your company immediately make a beginning by specifying as following:
    Contaminate level : Max 2mg./20L (generally below 1 mg)

Test Method

Add 4ltr clean filtered XYLENE to the drum. Shake thoroughly for 1 min. With plug loosely fitted filter it through 400 mesh S.S sieve. Add the filtered XYLENE to the same drum again and repeat the operation twice. Dry the sieve in oven at 100C for 15 mins. Collect the residue by means of tared piece of cellophane tape and find the net weight of the residue.

Requirements : 2mgs/drum max.

Salient features

Technical Specification of Drum internal coating ( Lacquer)



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