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Internally Painted

Westeel Drums are Besteel Drums. 

Our Salient Features are :

  1. Super Clean Drums : Very high degree of internal cleanliness is maintained in our drums. The residue level is contained at 2 miligram/20L maximum (generally below 1mg). This is achieved by using prime clean CRCA steel sheets and modern scientific manufacturing methods.
    Customers are much benefitted as their product (i.e drum contents) are not contaminated and remain intact. Those who do not pay heed to this aspect suffer great losses.

  2. 100% Leakproof : 100% Leakproof, no slow leakers, i.e leakage or seepage which develops hours, days, weeks or months after product is packed.

  3. Higher Strength : Each drum body is strengthened by employing special machines for high dent resistance.

  4. ISI Marked : Drums can be supplied with ISI mark which is a guarantee of good construction and manufacture.

  5. Superior Finish :Drums are painted using automatic airless spray and oven baked. Superior pretreatment and painting ensures no formation of rust eruption or slow deterioration of paint finish which is commonly observed in drums.
    Multicolour printing.

  6. Unmatched Lacquering : Drums are lacquered using automatic airless spray and oven baked. High quality epoxy lacqueres are being used for superior results. Modern continuous oven ensures uniform baking.

  Useful Information on Internal Cleanliness of Drums.

Technical Specification of Drum internal coating ( Lacquer)



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